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Steps to Ownership

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Get Franchise Brochure

Download our Digital Franchising Brochure. It will answer basic questions you might have about WOW franchising opportunities.


Connect With Us

Once you receive your brochure, a Franchise Development Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to let you know if the area you are inquiring about is available.  The Development Coordinator will provide you with an overview of the evaluation process and discuss the next step in the process - completing your Qualification form.


Introduction Call

After reviewing your completed Qualification Form, a Franchise Executive will reach out to you at your appointed time to discuss the WOW brand, the industry, answer initial questions and provide you with details on the franchise evaluation process.


WOW Franchise Disclosure document (FDD)

After your initial call with a Franchise Executive, we will provide you the WOW Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).  The FDD will provide detail on the company, the franchise opportunity as well as the relationship between the franchisee and franchisor.  The FDD also provides important info such as how much it cost to open a WOW and how much revenue stores generate.


Participate in a series of evaluation calls

Once you have started the review of the WOW FDD, your Franchise Executive will schedule a series of agenda specific calls to discuss detailed info about franchisee support, real estate selection, design + construction, franchisee training, on-going operational support, marketing, products and operations.


Contact existing WOW Franchise owners

One of the best ways to understand the lifestyle of owning a WOW is to contact existing WOW franchisees.  You'll be encouraged to reach out to our current franchise community to aid in your discovery of owning your own WOW, ask specific questions and learn more about their personal experience as a WOW franchisee.


WOW's Join the Team Day

Once you've gone through the previous steps of evaluating WOW and are ready to become a franchisee, we will invite you to New Orleans to attend Join the Team Day. During this day, you will visit a few WOW locations and meet the teams that support our franchisees - Location Development, Marketing and Operations. Join the Team Day should validate WOW is the franchise you want to own and confirm we are mutually a good fit for one another. If the day results in a positive experience for both parties and you are approved as our newest franchisee, we will sign the franchise agreement and officially welcome you to the WOW Family.


Join the WOW Family

At this point, you've completed the evaluation process where our Franchise Leadership Team has approved your induction into the WOW franchise community, you've submitted all required materials and documentation, and we welcome you to our growing family!


Start Your Development

We will begin assisting you through the franchise development process. You will be introduced to members of the WOW team who will help guide you through each step of the process toward the opening of your business; from securing financing to securing a location and from store construction to franchisee training.


Opening Day

This is the moment you've waited for since you submitted your request for a WOW franchise brochure! The time and hard work put forth by you and your support team will have finally paid off for the big day! All tasks on the checklist are checked. All responsibilities have been handled. You are now the proud owner of your own WOW and are ready to take on your future loyal and repeat customers with just the swift turn of a key to open your doors! Now, let's make this dream a reality and download our franchise brochure.

Get Franchise Kit

Get started today by downloading our FREE franchise kit.

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WOW FranchiseOpportunities Available

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